Men's Rowing Second Varsity Eight Defeats Amherst and Middlebury for Perfect Weekend

Nick Hartman rowed 6-seat for two 2V8 wins today

MEDFORD - Wins over Amherst College and Middlebury College today gave the Tufts University Men's Rowing second varsity eight a perfect 3-0 record for weekend racing on the Malden River.

The Jumbo 2V8 defeated Coast Guard on Saturday. Head coach Noel Wanner made some line-up changes in the first and second varsity boats for Sunday, and the 2V8 was successful again. Tufts had a 6:20.2 to 6:32.1 win over UMass and a 6:19.7 to 6:48.5 victory against Middlebury today.

The 2V8 line-up for the win over UMass had sophoomre cox James Grant, freshman stroke Graham Forrester, freshman 7 Paul Gelhaus, sophomore 6 Nick Hartman, sophomore 5 Isaac Mudge, junior 4 Tyler Hagedorn, junior 3 Ashton Knight, sophomore 2 Ryan Bell and senior bow Tyler McCullough. Knight was injured during the race and was replaced against Middlebury by senior Zach Merchant in the 3-seat.

Tufts' first varsity eight split a pair of races today. The Jumbos won a tightly-contested contest over UMass 6:11.8 to 6:14.5. After Middlebury defeated Amherst in the other semi-final 6:23.5 to 6:46.4, the Jumbos raced the Panthers in the final. Middlebury edged Tufts in another very competitive race 6:22.3 to 6:26.4 over 2,000 meters.

The Jumbos 1V8 line-up today had sophomore cox Hannah Frankel, junior stroke Andrew MacMillen, sophomore 7 Chandler Glass, freshman 6 Adrian Tanner, sophomore 5 Rich Gilland, sophomore 4 Ryan Magnuson, freshman 3 Mats Edwards, senior 2 Jeremy Slavitz and senior bow Douglas Burt.

The Tufts novice eight earned its second victory of the weekend with a 6:41.9 time over Middlebury's 7:18.6 finish. Tufts' boating was senior Connor Fallon as coxswain, senior Rohail Rai at stroke, sophomore Samson Braun at 7, sophomore James Miller at 6, sophomore John Bailey at 5, senior Hani Chkess at 4, junior Alec Whipple at 3, sophomore Edmund Takata at 2 and junior Andrew Takasugi at bow.

The Jumbos have races against Bates, Wesleyan and New Hampshire coming up on the Malden River next Saturday.


Men's Collegiate Rowing Results
Sunday, April 9, 2017
At Malden River (Hosted by Tufts University - Shoemaker Boathouse)

MV8 / Tufts 6:11.8 - UMass 6:14.5
MV8 / Middlebury 6:23.5 - Amherst 6:46.4
M2V8 / Tufts 6:20.2 - UMass 6:32.1
M2V8 / Middlebury 6:47.5 - Amherst 7:19.0
MN8 / Tufts 6:41.9 - Middlebury 7:18.6
MV8 / UMass 6:24.2 - Amherst 6:50.3
MV8 / Middlebury 6:22.3 - Tufts 6:26.4
MN4 / UMass time trial - 7:46.9
M2V8 / UMass 6:37.7 - Amherst 7:28.7
M2V8 / Tufts 6:19.7 - Middlebury 6:48.5
M3V8 / Tufts time trial - 6:38.9