Men's Rowing 2V8 and 3V8 Defeat Wesleyan Saturday on Malden River

Tamas Takata was part of Tufts' 3V8 win over Wesleyan

MALDEN – The Tufts University men's rowing second varsity eight and third varsity eight both defeated Wesleyan to highlight Jumbo racing on the Malden River Saturday afternoon.

Tufts' 3rd varsity eight was the first Jumbo boat into the water and they recorded a tightly-contested 6:35.26 to 6:37.40 win over Wesleyan's 3V8.

The other Tufts win from the 2V8 was by less than a five-second margin as the Jumbos finished in 6:20.93 against Wesleyan's 6:25.17.

Jumbos Josh Kaltman (cox), Paul Gelhaus (stroke), Rohail Rai, Harris Hardiman-Mostow, Peter Malinovsky, Isaac Mudge, James Miller, Sam Agnew and Thomas Hendrickson made up the second varsity boat today.

The 3V8 had coxswain Nina Benites with Jack Telman, Charles Cornillie, Jack Fraser, August Fagerheim, Alec Whipple, Michael Wrede, Ross Hamilton and Tamas Takata.

The second varsity boat would lose to Bates later in the day to split their pair of Saturday races.

The Jumbos' first varsity eight lost both of its races to Wesleyan and Bates. Against the Cardinals, Tufts came in at 6:13.07 behind Wesleyan's 6:07.64. Bates rowed to a 6:10.62 to 6:28.14 victory in 1V8.

Tufts' first varsity eight remained intact from last week with James Grant as coxswain, Andrew MacMillen as stroke and then Nick Hartman, Rich Gilland, Adrian Tanner, Tyler Hagedorn, Mats Edwards, Rick Boer and Ashton Knight.

Tufts also had a fourth varsity eight and a varsity four in action on Saturday. The 4V8 represented itself well while losing to Wesleyan's third varsity eight 6:40.64 to 6:46.25. A strong Bates program finished the day's races with a 7:23.56 win over Tufts (8:01.74) in men's varsity four.

For the Jumbo fourth varsity, 4v: coxswain Henry Fernandez guided Michael Thramann, Dean Ericksen, Mitch Koganski, Colin Lata, Dinghan Zhang, Matt Agurcia, John DiGiacomo and Michael Eve. The men's varsity four with coxswain was Fernandez with Jack Telman, August Fagerheim, Alec Whipple and Tamas Takata.

Tufts travels for the first time this spring for races next Sunday (Apr. 22) on Lake Quinsigamond hosted by WPI with Skidmore and Washington College.


April 14 Race Results at Malden River

Race 24 MV4
Bates: 7:23.56
Tufts: 8:01.74

Race 23 W4V8
Bates: 7:38.66
Wellesley: 7:47.56

Race 22 M2V8
No time at start, Bates over Tufts by margin of 13.29 seconds

Race 21 MV8
Bates: 6:10.62
Tufts: 6:28.14

Race 19 W3V8 – 3rd Place
Wellesley: 7:34.40
Tufts: 7:43.16

Race 18 W3V8 - FINAL
Bates: 7:24.89
Wesleyan: 7:33.02

Race 17 W2V8 – 3rd Place
Wellesley: 7:17.55
Tufts: 7:38.61

Race 16 W2V8 - FINAL
Bates: 7:14.28
Wesleyan: 7:32.83

Race 15 WV8 – 3rd Place
Wellesley: 7:02.77
Tufts: 7:06.75

Race 14 WV8 - FINAL
Bates: 6:54.28
Wesleyan: 7:03.63

Race 13 – M3V/4V8
Wesleyan 3V: 6:40.64
Tufts 4V 6:46.25

Race 12 M2V8
Tufts: 6:20.93
Wesleyan: 6:25.17

Race 11 MV8
Wesleyan: 6:07.64
Tufts: 6:13.07

Race 10 W3V8 - SEMIFINAL
Bates: 7:08.90
Wellesley: 7:22.39

Tufts: 7:45.90

Bates: 6:59.19
Wellesley: 7:01.06

Wesleyan: 7:19.01
Tufts: 7:23.16

Bates: 6:53.96
Wellesley: 7:00.46

Wesleyan: 7:01.17
Tufts: 7:04.05

Race 4 WN8
Wellesley: 7:41.68
Tufts: 7:44.48

Race 3 M3V8
Tufts3V: 6:35.26
Wesleyan 3V: 6:37.40

Race 2 M2V8
Bates: 6:25.28
Wesleyan: 6:32.37

Race 1 MV8
Bates: 6:11.54
Wesleyan: 6:23.54