Tufts Personalized Performance Program


What Is The Tufts Personalized Performance Program?

The Tufts Personalized Performance Program (TP3) is a personal training service offered to members of the Tufts community (undergraduates, graduates, staff, faculty, and community members) where participants will be able to experience the fitness center, and learn about health from experienced undergraduate and postgraduate trainers.  Each training session is meant to be an education, not only about how to use a gym or proper exercise technique, but also what leading a healthy lifestyle is all about, inside and outside the gym.


How Did The Program Start?

The TP3 was one of the many health initiatives created to enhance the existing culture and environment at Tufts in response to the Tufts Longitudinal Health Study.  This long-term study, completed in 2007, was an investigation of the behavioral and physiologic profiles of college students that demonstrated college was some of the least healthy four years of one’s life.  The Board of Advisors and then President Larry Bacow took a strong interest in this research and reacted by getting the TP3 off the ground.  With the support of the Board, Director Bill Gehling and Head Strength Coach Mike Pimentel spearheaded the program.  From the start, Gehling and Pimentel wanted to offer free personal training sessions to students of the University; so President Bacow, in an interest to create funding for the TP3, founded the President’s Marathon Challenge (PMC).  The PMC recruited runners interested in completing the Boston Marathon to raise money for the various health initiatives at Tufts, including the TP3 as well as the Friedman School of Nutrition.   The PMC has since expanded into the Tufts Marathon Team, all the while led by Master Coach Don Megerle, whose name you can find on the office door of the Tufts Personalized Performance Program.


What Do We Offer?

In the interest of sharing our knowledge and being as big of an impact as possible on the student population, the TP3 offers five free sessions to every student of the university (undergraduate and graduate).  These sessions are group-based, and will provide the foundations of how to devise a suitable exercise regiment for oneself.

In addition to the free group sessions for students, we provide a more customized, comprehensive personal training package to anyone that has access to the Tufts Steve Tisch Fitness Center (staff, faculty, and community members with a valid recreation pass).  These paid sessions can be one-on-one, at $35 per session, $55 if you’d like to train with a friend, and $70 for any group of three or more.  Often, there are some nationally-certified trainers on staff who are pursuing a career in strength and conditioning.  Due to their high level of expertise, the cost of working with one of them is $10 more than one of our undergradaute trainers ($45 for one-on-one, $65 for two-on-one, etc.) 

Who Are Our Trainers?

Our staff is composed primarily of a small group of highly motivated undergraduate students who have completed the Advanced Principles of Exercise course in good standing, and continue to take professional development seminars with the Strength & Conditioning staff.  Some semesters we are able to supplement our staff of undergraduates with some nationally-certified post graduates, but because we are primarily undergrads, our staff tends to leave campus before we are ready for them to go, and some of our clientele that has been with us for several years have seen many different trainers.


How Do I Get Started?


If you are currently a student of the university, undergraduate or graduate, and are interested in the free group sessions, please fill out THIS FORM.


If you are any member of the Tufts community, and are interested in one-on-one or paid group training, please fill out THIS FORM.


Once you have completed the approproiate form, a member of the TP3 staff will contact you.