Women's Rowing Wins 5 Out of 6 Races on Opening Day at Malden River

Sarah Flower was in the stroke seat for the 2-0 second varsity eight today.

MALDEN RIVER – The Tufts University women's rowing team won five of its six races on opening day at Malden River Saturday.

Tufts' only loss came in the first race of the day. The women's varsity eight and Trinity were less than one second apart as the Bantams timed 6:56.47 to Tufts' 6:57.16 in a fantastic start to the day's festivities.

The Jumbos' 1V8 would return with a 14-second win over Coast Guard. Tufts finished in 7:08.76 to the Bears' 7:22.37.

Tufts' first varsity boat had coxswain Jill Armenia, stroke Bibi Lichauco, 7 Libby Lichter, 6 Amanda Downing, 5 Grace Duisberg, 4 Lauren Drohosky, 3 Grace Fabrycky, 2 Prairie Hammer and bow Polly Harrington.

The Jumbo second varsity eight went 2-0 on the day. They opened with a decisive 7:13.70 to 7:35.57 (22 seconds) win over Trinity and then followed up with a 7:17.98 to 7:26.98 (nine seconds) final against Coast Guard.

The second varsity boating was coxswain Gabby Borenstein, stroke Sarah Flower, 7 Camden Myles, 6 Miriam Weiss, 5 Alicia Heia, 4 Abby Henne, 3 Laurel Haeger, 2 Madeleine Clarke and bow Sophie Bredenkamp.

Tufts' 3V8 had one race and vastly defeated Trinity 7:27.42 to 7:52.91. The third varsity line-up had coxswain Jordan Sclar, stroke Lindsay Naber, 7 Danielle Kaden, 6 Jiana Schnabel, 5 Miranda Finestone, 4 Karen Dooley, 3 Sophia Carroll, 2 Nina Pittas and bow Gillian Mehigan.

The final Jumbo boat in action was a fourth varsity which defeated what was termed as a 3.5 Trinity team 7:49.57 to 8:11.38. The Jumbo fourth boat on Saturday featured coxswain Sarah Toms, stroke Erika Madrian, 7 Eve Devens, 6 Kathryn Luhrman, 5 Emma Worple, 4 Risa Williams, 3 Rachel Wagner, 2 Leila Skinner and bow Leslie Spencer.

Tufts will be back in action on the Malden tomorrow with races against Amherst and Smith stating at 9:20 am.